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· 12 min read
Pradeep Sharma

As we enter 2024, Generative AI-based applications are poised to become mainstream

Given Generative AI’s limitations at the start of 2023, the world was skeptical whether Generative AI would deliver tangible value to the businesses and to the customers. With the current state of Generative AI services, it seems totally possible. Many of us have by now built some prototypes of Generative AI-based apps that are effectively solving specific business problems and delivering concrete value to a small set of users.

This was possible due to continuous improvements in Generative AI services from GPT-3.5 to GPT-4-Turbo, from LlaMa to Mistral, and many more incremental as well as disruptive developments. We were able to confidently use Generative AI services to deliver value consistently, and the dream of building useful Generative AI-based apps is not a dream anymore but a reality.

In 2024, we will see massive adoption of such Generative AI-based products

After building a prototype, the next challenge one needs to solve is how to ship those prototypes to the hands of millions of such users reliably in production. And that is not yet done by many but has been proven to be possible.

A prime example of this is CodeRabbit, a leading AI Code Review tool that utilizes GPT for automating PR reviews.